"Let your audience be the guide in your music programming"


Now also Digital Monitoring on Spotify, Youtube, Shazam and TikTok.

How we work:


Your audience rate the songs on monitorLATINO sophisticated online platform.


The results are processed and analyzed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and classify them.


A personalized board is generated with multiple suggestions on how the ideal radio station should be for the users.

With Perfect List you’ll realize:

  • Programming effectiveness
  • Hit Predictors
  • Song Fatigue
  • Program adjusting guide
  • Percentage of spoken content VS musical content
  • Recurring songs and catalogue

Radio Perfect List

“The Perfect List” is a tool developed by monitorLATINO for radio stations. It’s based in users opinion in the music played on the radio, through our advertising and incentives (Monthly Amazon $150 gift card giveaway), the users vote in monitorLATINOs platform. The voting results are analyzed with artificial intelligence/machine learning to conclude the results, at last a board is created with all the information and suggestions of what would be the perfect radio programming for the users.

The investigation has 3 stages:

  • Current: twice a month
  • Recurrents: once a month
  • Gold: 2 times per year

The board is organized according to the musics rating given by the users and the radio stations demographic approach. The prime time ( Mon - Fri, 6 am - 8 pm) is analyzed and it has a 4 month wait period to ensure the effectiveness of the voting, avoiding misleads. The board suggestions may vary depending on how much you replay one song, and if the audience is enjoying it or how much is enough.

All of these radio stations increased their ratings
up to 200% in less than a year.


We choose music consumers, and they are filtered depending the music genre in the survey.

The system automatically selects the genres of the stations that need to be evaluated, it also allows you to choose a custom song playlist and direct the survey to your target audience, in the Perfect List we already have age filters to analyze the metric.

To have a concluding result each song is graded by a minimum of 80 people.

Current-> Every two weeks.
Recurrent-> Once a month.
Gold-> Every 6 months.

On a daily basis all year long.

There’s always new people added to the respondents list.

We have the respondents database and we obtain their email and phone number.

An average of 10 seconds.

They hear the hooks, they’re manually and carefully created since it is very important on our systems reliability (These can be verified by our clients).

We can make perception questions, grading show segments or format compositions, niches and market opportunities (which has an additional cost).

We save a cookie in the respondents explorer and this prevents them from answering the survey twice.

We save a cookie in the respondents explorer and this prevents them from answering the survey twice.

The results for each station are unique, and based on the music played by the station. With an additional cost we offer format or market exclusivity.

12 months.

In previous clients that have followed the recommendations, they have shown a significant rating change in less than 6 months and even a higher impact in 1 year.

We know each station needs to keep trying new releases, and in our capacitation training we will give you recommendations so you can get results and keep testing new releases.

The combination of tools such as our radio monitoring, our Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the data processing and the Perfect List platform makes the decision process clearer, cheaper and more effective.

Artificial Intelligence allows to predict future behavior based in the massive data processing, which is why we take advantage of this technology to predict and classify the songs with a high confiability grade with the best possible votes.

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